Moccha CT

FWOThe project Model-Coupled 4D-µCT for Advanced Material Characterization (abbreviated MoCCha-CT) is a large-scale research project with economic finality. It is funded by the Research Foundation - Flanders in the Strategic Basic Research Programme (FWO-SBO).


About the project

Here you find more information on the scope and objectives of the project.


The MoCCha-CT project will be executed by two academic institutes comprising 6 research groups.

Industrial Advisory Board

As a large-scale project with economic finality, industrial partners are gathered in the Industrial Advisory Board.


The project relies on experimental equipment, notably for high-resolution X-ray CT scanning. More information about the used instrumentation can be found here.


The scientific output generated in this project will be found on this page. There are no published results of MoCCha-CT so far.


Everyone working on MoCCha CT is listed on this page. Open vacancies can also be found at the bottom of this page.