Jana Becelaere

Position: doctoral researcherjanabecelaere.png


Jana Becelaere is a Ph.D. researcher at Ghent University (UGent) since 2017. She obtained her master degree in sustainable materials engineering from UGent under the supervision of Prof. Karen De Clerck and Prof. Richard Hoogenboom. Extending the collaboration between the Centre for Textile Science and Engineering (CTSE) and the Supramolecular Chemistry (SC) group, Jana obtained her FWO-SB grant and started her Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Karen De Clerck (CTSE), Prof. Richard Hoogenboom (SC) and Prof. Chris Vervaet (Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Technology, UGent).

Research project:

Within this research project, expertise in materials science (CTSE, UGent), supramolecular chemistry (SC, UGent) and pharmacy (Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Technology, UGent) is combined to fully understand a drug formulation technique based on solvent electrospinning and how this influences the bioavailability of the drug. It is aimed to improve the oral bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients that suffer from a lower water soubility.