Student mobility: OUTGOING (UGent student)


Step 1: Gather Information

Information Events & Roadmaps

    • Faculty: Infosession mobility DURING your studies in AY 2023-2024: Tuesday 25/10/2022, 18u00-19u30, Campus Sterre - S2 - Auditorium 1
    • UGent: Info session mobility AFTER graduation: Wednesday 12/10/2022 between 14u-20u - Het Pand registration and info.
    • UGent: General information roadmaps (Dutch)

When I take my Erasmus

    • A stay inside the Erasmus zone lasts a minimum of 2 months for internship or research in the context of a master's dissertation, and a minimum 3 months for study.
    • A stay outside of Europe lasts a minimum of 1 month for internship or research in the context of a master's dissertation, and a minimum 1 semester for study.
    • You must check with your departmental coordinator of your study programme during which period of your studies a stay abroad is permitted (Faculty Commission Internationalisation - FCI)
    • Check the departmental rules

Destination within Europe

    • You cannot choose a destination yourself. Your study programme draws up a list of possible destinations. All destinations are established in bilateral agreements between the study programme at Ghent University and that particular study programme abroad. Therefore, you cannot take up a place in another study programme.
    • You can do an Erasmus Traineeship in any private or public organization active on the labour market, except in EU institutions. You can apply for an internship yourself. Your study programme coordinator - FCI can provide you with a list of internships for students who went abroad before you.
  • Check: Tips&tricks from students: video and travel stories per country

Destination outside Europe 

    • You cannot choose a destination yourself. Your faculty will draw up a list of possible destinations. All destinations are established in bilateral agreements with a number of places (Rotation System - please consult Regine Coolen on availability).
    • Provisional: Cooperation Agreements AY 2023-2024 - final by 15 November 2022
    • In this case, a bilateral agreement is not mandatory.
    • If you want to do an internship in the Global South, be sure to consult the website of Vlir-UOS.
  • Destination overview outside the Erasmus zone for - RESEARCH in the context of a master's dissertation.
    • In this case, a bilateral agreement is not mandatory. But please note: the existence of a bilateral agreement for research in the context of a master's dissertation has implications for a possible grant!
    • A bilateral agreement is not mandatory for research in the context of a master's dissertation into the Global South in the context of Vlir-Uos. In other words, you can receive a grant from Vlir-Uos if you conduct research in the context of a master's dissertation to a destination without a bilateral agreement. A bilateral agreement is not mandatory for other destinations either, but then you will not be able to apply for a grant.
    • If you want to apply for a grant, a bilateral agreement is mandatory for a destination that is not on the Vlir-UOS country list. For more information about financing your stay, see below.
  • Check: Tips&tricks from students: video and travel stories per country

Scholarships within Europe

  • You get automatically an Erasmus scholarship. All students are entitled to an Erasmus grant, provided they comply with all administrative formalities.

  • Every year, the European Commission and the Flemish government provide scholarships for Erasmus students. Since the Erasmus+ reforms, the grant fee depends on your destination.
    Check the roadmaps (Dutch) for more information about your grant.

  • The International Relations Office is responsible for the payment of the Erasmus grant. Students leaving for an exchange during the first semester can expect their first deposit in the second half of November when all formalities are completed. Students who do not leave until the second semester will receive their first grant at the end of the 2nd month of stay, on condition that all formalities have been completed.

  • Advance payment on the Erasmus grant: Students on a grant and concessionary students can request an advance on their Erasmus grant at the Ghent University Social Service. In the event that the family budget cannot provide an advance of the Erasmus grant, an advance payment is possible after an individual financial investigation. Check out the conditions.

  • Minimum stay to receive a grant

    • For each cycle (Ba-Ma-PhD) a scholarship can be awarded:

      • STUDY (min. 90 days, max. 12 months)
      • TRAINEESHIP/RESEARCH (min. 60 days)

      The same student may receive grants for mobility periods totalling up to 12 months maximum per cycle of study (traineeship and studies).

  • Other scholarships: Nimbus application.

Scholarships outside Europe

  • Every year there are approximately 300 grants to be distributed, the VLIR-UOS grants (internship and research in Latin America, Asia and Africa) included. These scholarships are distributed through a competitive selection process based on a portfolio.

  • Amount of scholarship will depend on quality portfolio, budget estimate and financial situation. Check the roadmaps (Dutch) for more information about your grant.

  • Online tool: (Faculty Tips & Tricks Portfolio)
  • Important: Parralel to your scholarship application (financing), you also need to enter an exchange application in Oasis. If you submit an application for a scholarship for exchange outside the Erasmus area, you have to tick 'Scholarship Ghent University bilateral agreement' in the Oasis application in the option 'funding'.

  • Calls and guidelines to apply for these scholarships are always distributed at the beginning of February and the deadline is always at the start of March. Every year there is a second call in autumn. All deadlines are strictly adhered to. The selection results of the first call are always announced by mid-May, these of the second call by mid-January.
  • Note! The combination of 2 mobility scholarships is not possible.

  • Minimum stay to receive a grant
    • STUDY (1 semester)
    • TRAINEESHIP/RESEARCH (min. 1 month)
  • The International Relations Office is responsible for the payment of the grant.

Step 2: Application Procedure

Your application

    • Start your application on the Oasis website from 15 November onwards. The application includes the following elements:
      • Details about the exchange + Learning Agreement + Letter of Motivation + Language skills + Emergency Contact.
    • Language skills: applicants whose native language is not English must document proficiency in English by having completed one of the recognised language tests and obtaining the minimum score or higher. Test results must be uploaded together with the online application.
    • Learning Agreement for studies is a document in which you have to fill in the courses you will follow at the host institution (i.e. your study programme).
      • Compose your courses. Find the study guide and the academic calendar. Start searching for subjects that interest you.
      • The substitutions of courses in Oasis are not requested for our faculty. Do not substitute your exchange courses with UGent courses.
      • For 1 semester, you choose courses worth 30 ECTS. If you go on an exchange for 1 academic year, you choose courses worth 60 ECTS.
      • Check the departmental rules
    • Learning Agreement for Traineeships: In addition to the well-known Erasmus+ Studies, you can also do the Erasmus ‘Traineeship' (internship) during your studies at a European university, company, training center, research center and organisation. An Erasmus Traineeship must be arranged in direct contact with a department or research group. This means that students are responsible for the initial contact to the relevant promotors, researcher or research group and for planning the Erasmus Traineeship.
      • Please note that Erasmus Traineeship students are not allowed to sign up for courses.
      • In the Learning Agreement for Traineeships you describe which tasks you will fulfil during your internship. What knowledge and skills will you acquire? What will the results of your internship be? Who will follow up and how will you be evaluated?
      • Upload Learning Agreement for Traineeships in 'Documents'.
    • Submit your application on time: incomplete or belated files will not be processed.
    • Selection: After the deadline the faculty will select one destination. You will receive an e-mail via Oasis.
      • Important: All correspondence about your mobility will be sent to your UGent e-mail address.

    Important deadlines

      • Deadlines for mobility during 2023-2024

        Overview exchange mobilities (destination, deadlines, templates, scholarships, roadmaps)

        Courses / Master’s Dissertation (30ECTS)

        • Within Europe:
          • 15/02/2023 (1st and 2nd sem)
        • Outside Europe:
          • 31/01/2023 (1st and 2nd sem) + scholarship: 2/03/2023

        Other (summerschool, short internship Europe, study trips)

        • 4 weeks for departure

        Research for Master’s Dissertation / Internship

        • Within Europe:
          • 15/02/2023 (1st and 2nd sem)
          • 15/11/2023 (2nd sem)
        • Outside Europe:
          • Cooperation Agreement:
            • 31/01/2023 (1st and 2nd sem) + scholarship: 2/03/2023
            • 15/11/2023 (2nd sem) + scholarship: nov-dec 2023
          • Vlir-uos:
            • 26/02/2023 (1st and 2nd sem) + scholarship: 2/03/2023
            • 15/11/2023 (2nd sem) + scholarship: nov-dec 2023
          • Other internship (course in study programme):
            • 31/01/2023 (1st and 2nd sem) + scholarship: 2/03/2023
            • 15/11/2023 (2nd sem) + scholarship: nov-dec 2023


        • Studies: Each academic year there is one application deadline for 'Studies' for Ghent University. Keep in mind that there are no scholarships awarded if you wish to extend your stay abroad. Incomplete or belated files will not be processed. First deadline 15 February 2023 for mobility in the 1st and/or 2nd semester 2023-2024.
          There is a 2nd deadline (15 November 2023 for IMBRSea-students) for mobility in the 2nd semester 2023-2024.
        • Traineeship: Each academic year there are 2 application deadlines for 'Traineeship'. Incomplete or belated files will not be processed. For the second deadline check with the host University for their nomination (in an Erasmus agreement) and application deadline (can be earlier than 15/11).
        • Second call for scholarship applications outside Europe; Autumn 2022: The scholarships outside Europe during the Autumn call will be limited to some travel allowances (without monthly allowance). So it is to your own advantage to submit an application file during the first call.
        • Within 1 AY a student can only submit 1 portfolio for a scholarship outside Europe. He/she is free to select for what destination (financing programme).
        • Internship (course in study programme): MSc Biology, MSc Bioinformatics, BSc Chemie, MSc Chemistry, MSc Fysica & Sterrenkunde, MSc Geografie & Geomatica, MSc Geologie, MSc Informatica, MSc Wiskunde, MSc Nematology, MSc IMBRSea, MSc Sustainable Land Management
        • This application process is only applicable to Ghent University. Your file will not be sent to the host university! Each university has its own deadlines, admission requirements and regulations for the exact documentation which needs to be provided along with the application. Before you submit your application, please review the website of the host university

    Step 3: After selection

    Your application

      • Your application will be processed by Regine Coolen and will be sent to the Central International Support Team (IST).
      • The International Support Team (IST) manages a lot of administration (scholarship, Erasmus contract, vouchers Language courses, ...). You will receive an e-mail with a checklist (foreseen July).
      • The International Support Team will check all the applications of all UGent students.
      • During the month of March/April the IST nominates the selected students (bilateral agreement) at the respective host universities. You will receive an e-mail via Oasis.
      • After your nomination for Studies you may receive the application procedure/link from the host university and extra information about practical arrangements. When you didn’t receive any information from the host university 4 weeks before your departure, please contact Regine Coolen.
      • In case of cancellation of your mobility contact Regine Coolen

    What should you do in the meanwhile?

    • Each host university has its own application procedure. You can prepare yourself for that. Please note you can only start the procedure at your host university as soon as you were nominated by the IST (end of March/beginning of April).
    • Consult the host university website as soon as possible to know their deadlines for incoming mobility. If their deadlines are in April, inform Regine Coolen so that your nomination in Ghent can be accelerated.
    • Learning agreement: This is a formal document that has to be signed by three parties (UGent, student and host institution) before departure. Always use the official template of the learning agreement for studies or traineeships.
    • Online Linguistic support. Before and after your stay abroad, you will receive an email invitation from the IST to do an online language test.

    Step 4: Arrived

    Your application

    • Please check your exchange curriculum in Oasis (courses, semester, correct name of the courses, etc). All changes must be reported as soon as possible! This data will be visible on your diploma supplement.
    • Changes to the curriculum
      • Can be made via OasisAs long as the curriculum is in Draft, you can still make changes to the curriculum (with approval of your FCI member). If the status is "Proposal" or "Approved" , you can forward the changes to Regine Coolen (also with your FCI member's approval).
      • Do not forget to sign the document 'Changes to the learning agreement' (Oasis). This is automatically filled in after import of the changes and can subsequently be signed by the partner. Do not forget to upload the signed version in Oasis.
      • Keep in touch with your FCI coordinator.
      • You choose a final program within 2 weeks of arrival
    • You will keep the faculty informed of any problems.
    • Consult the Erasmus roadmaps (Dutch) to check of all formalities are completed.
    • And for the rest, study a lot and enjoy your stay.

    After the exam period

      • At the end of your stay, you will receive a "Transcript of Records" of your host university. This is a summary of your achievements during your Erasmus stay abroad. Deliver this document to the FCI member of your programme, preferably with a translation of the score calculation/grading evaluation.
      • Your score will be converted to UGent points via ECTS grades (listed on the TOR).
      • Passed abroad = passed in Ghent.

    Other possibilities

    Online elective courses

    Blended Intensive programmes

    International Programmes

    Useful links