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Each year ICES organises a series of lectures on research at the Faculty of Sciences aimed at a broad audience.
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==> Each first Tuesday of the month (except for school holidays), 7pm, Aud.A2, building S9, UGent, Campus Sterre, Krijgslaan 281, Gent <==

Programme 2019-2020

05-11-2019 - Prof. dr. Dominique Adriaens (Dept. Biology) - Seahorses as a bio-inspired design … a two-way tool for studying biological innovations

=> Presentation (4,7 MB)

03-12-2019 - Prof. dr. Dirk Ryckbosch (Dept. Fysics and Astronomy) - Ghost particles in the ice: the IceCube neutrino telescope at the South Pole

=> Presentation (16,5 MB)

07-01-2020 - Prof. dr. Veerle Fack (Vkgr. Toegepaste Wiskunde, Informatica en Statistiek) - Algoritmen aan het werk (in Dutch)

=> Presentatie (1,2 MB)

04-02-2020 - Prof. dr. Yves Van de Peer (Dept. Plant Biotechnology and Bioinformatics) - Life with more than one genome

=> Presentation (8,9 MB)

03-03-2020 - Prof. dr. Veerle Cnudde (Dept. Geology) - Unravelling pore-scale processes in geomaterials

=> Presentation (896 kB)

21-04-2020 - Prof. dr. Martin Guilliams (Dept. Biomedical molecular biology) - The power of single-cell technology: building an organ atlas, one cell at a time => Postponed to 2020-2021

05-05-2020 - Prof. dr. Sandra Van Vlierberghe (Dept. Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry) - Ever wondered why plastics can save a person's life? => Postponed to 2020-2021