Welcome Day

Welcome Day Faculty of Sciences  (sem 2) -  10 February 2023
Welcome Day Ghent University (sem 2) - 9, 10 February 2023

Welcome Day 2022-2023 (1st semester): group picture

Welcome Day 2022 (1st semester): Group picture

Welcome in the faculty of Sciences: for exchange and degree students

  • Exchange student: An exchange student temporarily lives in a foreign country, attends courses or performs a research programme. The exchange period at UGent lasts a minimum of 1 month and a  maximum of 12 months. The exchange student does not get a diploma from  UGent.
  • Degree student: A degree student wishes to obtain a diploma or degree at Ghent  University

General presentations 

Specific information for international students

Specific information for degree students

Specific information for exchange students

  • Contact info responsible coordinators Faculty committee for Internationalisation (FCI)
  • Buddy programme for exchange students
    • A buddy is a Belgian or regular degree student who volunteers to become a buddy. We link you to 1 or more international students for a semester or 1 academic year.
    • Expectations:
      • Contact before and at the start of the semester
      • Be available for questions
      • Keep in touch with your international student throughout the semester or academic year, through e-mail and social media.

Contacts (Faculty)

Regine Coolen, International Relations Officer

Exchange Student Administration 

Tel: +32 (0)9 264.5043

E-mail: international.sci@ugent.be

Joeri Delamane, Faculty Student Administration

Degree Student Administration

Tel: +32 (0)9 264.5050


Contact (Central)

International Relations Office Student Support: Exchange Student Adviser

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