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Vision and mission

With 70 new student enrolments per year and 213 staff members divided over 12 research units and 3 campuses, the Biology Department is one of the largest departments within the Science Faculty.

We argue that our efforts for a sustainable (academic) community should be proportional.
The sustainability committee of the Biology Department aims towards minimizing the ecological foot print of her students and staff members and to create an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable work- and study-landscape.

Through small, visible actions with clear impact we aim to maximally support the sustainability policy of Ghent University.

To fulfill this, the committee takes actions at local (level of research unit and department) and higher (faculty, university and association) levels.

Sustainability pacts (in Dutch)

Report meetings (in Dutch)

Photos and actions

We were one of the "laureates of the sustainability pact 2014" for some of our actions !


Get inspired !

Printerfriendly powerpoint-tips for teachers (in Dutch)


Want to engage ? Suggestions or questions ?
Contact one of the coordinators:

Campus Ledeganck :

Bram Sercu
Pieter Asselman
Wim Bert

Campus Proeftuinstraat :

Matthew Vangheel

Campus Sterre :

Niels Viaene
Jeroen Vanwichelen