Support for industry

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Industrial liaison network

The Business Development Centers at Ghent University group complementary research departments by application area or domain of expertise. Together they constitute the Industrial Liaison Network.

The business development managers act as your direct point of contact for industrial partnerships, be it research services, collaborative research, or IP licensing.

Science Parks

Science Parks are available in Ghent and in Ostend for research oriented companies that want office or lab space in the vicinity of the university, either to facilitate collaboration or to get access to the available talent pool, or to operate close to like-minded companies.

Within the science parks multiple incubators are available to early stage spin-offs and start-ups.

Technology Offers


UGent TechTransfer manages the IP-portfolio of Ghent University and makes it available for licensing to third parties, research partners or to spin-off companies.

Expertise & Services


Ghent University offers various services, based on developed expertise and instrumentation, such as analytical services, measurement services, testing & certification, preclinical and clinical services, access to and deposit of microbiological and genetic material.

Corporate Support