Industrial Liaison Network

The IOF provides a supporting framework for collaboration between the Ghent University Association and industry, through the Industrial Liaison Network.

IOF-Business Development Centers

The network consists of a number of business development centers that group complementary research departments by application area or domain of expertise.

Each center is responsible for technology transfer within its area of competence. A center is headed by a business development manager who can act as your direct point of contact for industrial partnerships, be it research, services, collaborative research, or IP licensing.

New business development centres are created through approval of applications by the IOF council.

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IOF platforms

The IOF platforms are at the intersection of various research domains, thus meeting the increasing social and economic importance of interdisciplinarity. The IOF platform coordinator is the central point of contact for a specific area of expertise. With these IOF valorisation platforms, the Ghent University Association wants to make maximum use of multidisciplinary valorisation opportunities within core expertise domains.

New IOF platforms are created after a convening procedure and approval by the IOF council.

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