North Sea Port Chair

Since the 2015-16 academic year, Ghent University and the VUB have been offering an inter-university MSc in Maritime Science, following on from the Interuniversity Master’s in Maritime Sciences. The North Sea Port Chair made it possible for Ghent University to engage Prof. Theo Notteboom as a guest professor for the course ‘Maritime and Port Economics’ which is an obligatory component of the Master’s programme.


The objective of the chair is to embed the chair-holder’s expertise in the economics of port and maritime transport within Ghent University. This expertise will serve, first and foremost, to provide teaching within the MSc in Maritime Science. In addition, the chair also enables the chair-holder to conduct research and offer service to the Ghent University Maritime Institute. Finally, the chair contributes to the international reputation of Ghent University and thereby fosters international partnerships with foreign universities.


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Promotor leerstoel North Sea PortProf. Frank Maes studied Diplomatic Sciences (Ghent University\[FM1] ), Shipping Law (UFSIA), and obtained his PhD in law from Ghent University. He is Professor of Public International Law at the Faculty of Law and Criminology at Ghent University, and has been a visiting professor at different universities abroad. His main area of research is international environmental law with a focus on the protection of oceans and seas, international law of the sea, maritime spatial planning, and freshwater law. He is chair of the Department of European, Public and International law, director of the Maritime Institute (Ghent University) and responsible for the MSc programme in Maritime Science. \[FM2] 


Leerstoelhouder North Sea PortThe chair-holder is Prof. Theo Notteboom, who will focus on teaching, research and service at the Ghent University Maritime Institute. 

Prof. Notteboom has extensive international research experience, including at Dalian University (China), the renowned maritime university, where he was Foreign Expert/Professor at the Transportation Management College. In April 2015, Theo Notteboom was awarded ‘High-end Foreign Expert’ status by the Chinese State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs. He was also a visiting professor at the World Maritime University in Malmö (Sweden) and MPA Visiting Professor in Port Management at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Prof. Notteboom was also appointed director of the ‘Center of Eurasian Maritime and Inland Logistics’ in China, at the Maritime University of Shanghai. 

Prof. Notteboom is not only a great asset for teaching and research at Ghent University, but is also a linking point for the collaboration between Ghent University Maritime Institute and various maritime international universities.