Blaise Pascal Ntirumenyerwa Mihigo

Blaise-Pascal Ntirumenyerwa Mihigo got a Graduate and Master diplomas at Law, option International public law, respectively in 2005 and in 2007 with distinction at University of Kinshasa of Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2005, Blaise-Pascal was a trainee in Court of Civil at Matete and he also was a trainee in unity of Contract analysis of Legal Department at Services of Petroleum Enterprises of Congo in 2007. In 2008, He worked successively as a Commercial Agent of Vodacom Congo and as Commercial Agent of Global Edge. In 2009, he was promoted and is till now a candidate assistant by the International public law Department Council of University of Kinshasa.

Blaise-Pascal followed courses of American English at Centre of American Language Institute/Embassy of United States and obtained a diploma with great distinction. He also followed computer programs courses at Hans Seidel Foundation/Ministry of Finances. In 2010, He worked at Trust Merchant Bank successively as a Legal Assistant and Compliance Officer and quitted before joining Ghent University.

Since December 2010, Blaise-Pascal is following a PhD program and expecting a doctorate diploma in International public at Ghent University. He is writing a thesis entitled “The necessity of an international ecological financial system for protecting Congo Basin Forests through applying Polluter Pays Principle”. In May 2011, he was granted a BOF scholarschip for Developing Countries and his research is funded by this institution. On May 31, 2016, he successfully defended his PhD.