2022 International Migration and Refugee Law Moot Court Competition


The case of the 2022 International Migration and Refugee Law Moot Court Competition, developed by Ghent University’s Migration Law Research Group (MigrLaw), has been launched!

The case concerns a national of the Syrian Arab Republic, who asks for international protection in the People’s Republic of Kalakuta, a fictitious country. The case will develop throughout the competition, a rather unique challenge in the moot-court-world, and must be solved entirely under international law, as is explained in the Moot Court’s Rules. Further, aiming to guide students in the first steps of their research, some case materials will be shared upon registration, when the team number is received.

Participation is free of costs – and we are glad to offer accommodation for two nights for the students who qualify for the oral rounds thanks to Fragomen’s financial support. The competition is open to all universities and each university can participate with one team. Student teams from the low- and middle-income countries are warmly encouraged to participate in the competition. A grant will be awarded to cover the travel costs to and from Ghent (Belgium) for a team who has qualified for the oral rounds, in order to give students from diverse countries the opportunity to participate.

More information on team’s eligibility and the competition can be found in the Rules.

Registration is required before 20 October 2021 (23:59 CET), by submitting a completed Registration Form to migrationmoot@ugent.be.

More information can be found on migrationmoot.ugent.be, and all questions can be sent to: migrationmoot@ugent.be.

We hope to have you participate!