United Nations

Resolutions and decisions, reports, ministerial statements, ...

United Nations information portal on multilateral environmental agreements with more than 50 global and regional environment-related conventions, including lists of parties, geographical coverage, ...

Agenda items, procedural issues, constitutional issues, subsidiary bodies, ...

Overview of international legal instruments on combating terrorism

Developments at UN level

includes all kinds of official United Nations documentation (e.g. resolutions of the General Assembly or the Security Council, letters to the UN Security Council, verbatim reports of the UNGA and UN Security Council meetings, etc.)

Conventions adopted under the auspices of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

United Nations Environment Programme

United Nations General Assembly - from 1945, per session

human rights treaties with a focus on refugee rights

Documentary material of a legal nature on the United Nations and related intergovernmental organisations

Space law treaties and principles

Official treaty database of the United Nations (cf. Article 102 UN Charter). Largest collection of treaties (in all areas of international law; both bilateral and multilateral). Also provides up-to-date information on participation in treaties (ratifications, etc.), lists of reservations, objections and declarations, etc.

Overview of UN activities per year

Overview of Conventions on Crime, Drugs and Terrorism

UN Security Council - resolutions/presidential statements/press statements, reports of the Secretary-General, ...