Our faculty welcomes eight new FWO PhD fellows!

(15-10-2021) faculty of law and criminology welcomes eight new PhD students

The Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) has announced the results of the 2021 Fundamental Research fellowships.

Our faculty is very proud to welcome our 8 new fellows!

  • Céline Vangheel - Improving the legal protection of taxpayers in international tax dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Joke Geeraert - Of feathers and birds: The role of offending peers in the transmission of violent offending in offender networks
  • Isabo Goormans - Victims on the Job: A Criminal Event Perspective on the Dynamics Underlying Physical Violence Against Police Officers
  • Evelyn Schapanksky - Protective Factors Against Rape Perpetration: Towards a Strength-Based Approach in Risk Assessment and Prevention of Rape
  • Jasper van den Woestijne - Wise men beyond borders. The transplantation of the French conseil de prud'hommes throughout Europe
  • Lore Roels - You too? No way! Rape mythology applied to credibility assessments of applications based on sexual or gender-based violence in the European asylum procedure
  • Femke Lenjou - Tackling fraud at the border. Understanding the changing nature, role and place of customs in protecting the security, safety and health of the Belgian state.
  • Tobias Mortier - Legislating with the best intentions? Judicial review of the legitimacy of the legislator's aims