About us

Vakgroepvoorzitter Carl DevosIn recent years the Department of Political Sciences has welcomed a constantly growing number of students. At this moment we have reached the number of approx. 1 000 students.

The bachelor program starts from a broad and multidisciplinary basis, gradually leaving room for more specialised study orientations.

In the master program students can choose between three attractive study fields: National Politics, International Politics or European Studies.

The courses are rooted in a strong research tradition, based on five research groups each embedded in their respective international scientific network: Centre for Local Politics, Ghent Association for the Study of Parties and Representation, Centre for EU Studies, Ghent Institute for International Studies and the Centre for Sustainable Development.

One of the fine traditions at the Ghent University Department of Political Science is the willingness and even eagerness of its staff to engage in public debate, thus making their expertise and knowledge available to a wide audience.

The Faculty library provides a vast array of scientific books and journals and Faculty services provide support for students and staff.