Risk and Crisis Communication

Crisis communication aims to inform stakeholders about the crisis and protect the organizational reputation. Due to the omnipresence of social media nowadays, crisis communication has evolved from a sender approach, in which the organization in crisis communicates to stakeholders, to a multi-vocal approach in which stakeholders can also determine crisis communication. An example of the latter is consumers who are responding to organizational crisis posts on Facebook. CEPEC researchers adopt this multi-vocal approach in their studies, for example by examining how different kinds of framings (personalization, use humor) of organizational responses to consumers ‘comments on social media impact perceptions of the organization such as the organizational reputation.

This topic is currently part of the PhD research of Yi Xiao, under the guidance of Liselot Hudders, Veroline Cauberghe and An-Sofie Claeys (KULeuven); and of the post-doctoral research of Hannelore Crijns.