Research Expertise

Cepec examines the effectiveness of persuasive communication, both in a profit and non-profit context. In particular, the PhD and research projects can be bundled in the research tracks.

Digital Marketing

How are online marketing tactics affecting consumers?

Digital marketing.jpg


Advertising Literacy

Which knowledge and skills do minors have regarding new advertising formats?

Advertising literacy.jpg


Children and Consumer Socialization

Which influences affect how children grow up as critical consumers?



Media Multitasking

How does multitasking with different media affect advertising effectiveness?

Media multitasking.jpg


Sustainable Consumption and Green Energy

How can consumers be persuaded to adopt a sustainable consumption pattern?

Sustainability and energy1.jpg


Influencer Marketing

How can influencers be used to promote products and brands on social media?

Influencer marketing3


Risk and Crisis Communication

How should companies communicate on social media in times of crisis?



Behavioral Change

How should PSA's be designed to incite behavioral change?

Behavioral Change


Personalized Advertising

What are the effects of personalized advertising?



Consumption and Subjective Well-Being

How does consumption affect an individual's subjective well-being?

Consumption and happiness