Centre for Innovation in the Early Years (VBJK)

VBJK | Vernieuwing in de Basisvoorzieningen voor Jonge KinderenVBJK is a research center in the Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy. It works on policy oriented studies and pedagogical innovation in early childhood care and education and parent support. VBJK is a partner of the governmental agency Child and Family and collaborates with the Commission of the Flemish Community and the governmental department of education. It was involved in international research projects with the European Commission DG Education and Culture, Eurofound, OECD and UNESCO. It has a long lasting collaboration with leading foundations in the field, including the Bernard Van Leer Foundation and the King Boudouin Foundation. The vision and mission of VBJK are inspired bu the International Convention on Children’s Rights and is based on the belief in parents’ and professionals’ agency.

Promoter(s): Prof. Michel Vandenbroeck and Dr. Jan Peeters
Researcher(s)/contact: Katrien Van Laere, Hester Hulpia, Caroline Boudry
Website: http://www.vbjk.be