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Topic Promotor
Startdatum 1 januari 2008

Characterization of the genetic defects and molecular pathways in heritable connective tissue disorders and cancer

Verlenging (vanaf 2015): From Variome to Phenome - an integrated approach towards understanding and treating heritable connective tissue disorders

Prof. Anne De Paepe

Yield booster: towards understanding the molecular basis of plant yield

Verlenging (vanaf 2015): Leaf growth - from genes to networks

Prof. Dirk Inzé

Smart photonic chips in support of a safe and sustainable world and of a better health care for all

Verlenging (vanaf 2015): Smart photonic chips at the heart of systems that matter to people and society

Prof. Roel Baets

Embodied music cognition and mediation technologies for cultural/creative application

Verlenging (vanaf 2015): Expressive Music Interaction

Prof. Marc Leman
Startdatum 1 januari 2009

Stochastic modeling and analysis of communication systems

Verlenging (vanaf 2016)

Prof. Herwig Bruneel

New directions in research on the acquisition and generation of attitudes

Verlenging (vanaf 2016): Learning and implicit processes

Prof. Jan De Houwer

Multi-scale modeling and design of chemical reactions and reactors (M2dcR2)

Verlenging (vanaf 2016)

Prof. Guy Marin

Protein-protein interactions: towards a better understanding of interactomes, pathways and domains

Verlenging (vanaf 2016): Protein-protein interactions: from bench to bedside

Prof. Jan Tavernier

Molecular signalling in cell death: an integrated approach

Verlenging (vanaf 2016): Cell death activity regulation in inflammation and cancer (Cedar-ic)

Prof. Peter Vandenabeele
Startdatum 1 januari 2021


Prof. Claude Libert

Inhibition of impulsive and inappropriate actions: A novel eco-devo approach

Prof. Frederick Verbruggen

SHAPE: Next Generation Wireless Networks

Prof. Piet Demeester

Congo Basin Forest Biogeochemistry Observatory (COBBOF): Relieving pressure on social-ecological systems in the Congo basin

Prof. Pascal Boeckx

Studying the mechanistic underpinnings and applications of polyploidy through genomics, experimental evolution, modeling, and Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Yves Van de Peer

Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

Prof. Michael Ruzhansky

Understanding the immunological basis of persistent airway obstruction in asthma

Prof. Bart Lambrecht