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Feb 01, 2023 00:00
LA20 - Vakgroep Omgeving
Type contract
Contract van bepaalde duur
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Overig academisch personeel


  • Project: 4DMED-Hydrology ( | European Space Agency (ESA)
  • Research team: Hydro-Climate Extremes Lab (H-CEL) | Ghent University
  • Location: Ghent, Belgium
  • Starting date: January–June 2023
  • Contract length: 1 year
  • General context:

The Mediterranean region is deemed as a future hotspot of drought occurrence. However, to accurately predict and anticipate droughts in the region, the mechanisms behind their spatiotemporal evolution still need to be better understood. Recent evidence indicates that within-continent atmospheric transport is critical for the expansion and concatenation of droughts in semiarid regions (Schumacher et al. 2022, However, whether these processes modulate drought propagation in the Mediterranean region remains unknown. New high-resolution satellite data from the 4DMED-Hydrology project can help steer a moisture tracking framework (Keune et al. 2022, doi: 10.5194/gmd-15-1875-2022) and unveil the influence of land feedbacks on drought occurrence in the Mediterranean.


  • PhD in the domains of Physics, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Engineering or Computer Sciences
  • Background on Hydrology and Meteorology
  • Knowledge of numerical modelling and computer programming (preferably Python)
  • Previous experience with climate and/or atmospheric-transport models is a plus
  • Excellent level of English, both oral and written
  • Creative, critical and analytical mindset; capable of working in groups
  • Candidates from outside Belgium are welcome and are expected to move to the country
  • Opportunity to spend stages in other leading international institutes that are part of the project consortium
  • Expected attendance to multiple international conferences and workshops
  • Opportunity to joining a young and motivating research environment
  • Wages in accordance with Flemish University indexes


  • Please send a 1-paragraph motivation letter and professional CV in a single pdf to
  • Include contact information of two people that may be requested to send a reference if the application is shortlisted
  • Candidacies will be evaluated by an internal committee
  • The application procedure will remain open until the right candidate is found