Studiedag 'Studying the Senses'

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18-11-2022 van 09:00 tot 19:00
Library Lab Magnel, Rozier 44, 9000 Ghent
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Department of Literary Studies in collaboration with the Department of Linguistics and Literary Studies (VUB)

This interdisciplinary seminar provides a forum for exchange for researchers examining the role of the senses in literature, culture, and society.

By bringing together leading scholars and early-stage researchers from a range of disciplines, we hope to stimulate interdisciplinarity in the study of the senses and discuss how the field may refine itself in the future.

Organized by Marie Schoups (Department of Literary Studies, Ghent University) and Florian Deroo (Department of Linguistics and Literary Studies, VUB), this seminar aims to create a productive dialogue between different disciplines to address these concerns and explore new avenues of sensory investigation.