Lezing 'ENLIGHT lecture Equity & Society'

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Medewerkers , Privépersonen , Studenten
13-07-2022 van 18:00 tot 19:00
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ENLIGHT European University

The session explores the importance of equity in society: migration, politics of integration, diversity in schoolbooks & global citizenship education

This lecture includes four presentations from experts in the ENLIGHT network. Sorana Toma, Assistant Professor in Migration and Refugee Studies based at Ghent University will discuss “The role of migrant social capital in international migration”. As next, Daniel Schumann, research associate and PhD candidate at the Diversity Research Institute at University of Göttingen will present on “Seeing like a state? The politics of integration in civic education textbooks”. Then Janne Holmén, Associate Professor in the History of Education at Uppsala University will talk about "Diagrams of unity and diversity in civic education textbooks". Kristína Rankovová, a PhD student at Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at Comenius University in Bratislava will reflect on “Are All 'Global Citizens' Equal? A Critical Analysis of Global Citizenship Education's Discourses of Distance”. The lecture concludes with a short discussion, and is followed by a networking event for the scientific community.

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