NB-Photonics for you

For Companies 

Research & valorisation

There are several ways we can work with you

  • Industrial research projects
  • Service agreements
  • Subsidized research projects (VLAIO, EU, ... )
  • Access to our infrastructure (test infrastructure and tools)
  • Access to our IP

Education and training

Upgrade your knowledge or that of your team

  • Join the dissemination events
  • Join a PhD defense

For Researchers

NB-Photonics is the community of researchers involved in photonics research. Together we help you in:

  • Turning your project results into real life 
  • Building an industrial network
  • Setting up and managing multi-partner projects 
  • Training

For Students

NB-Photonics reaches out to the student community:

  • Bachelor projects (vakoverschrijdend project)
  • Master thesis topics
  • PhD opportunities 

Job Opportunities


We have a continuous interest in hiring motivated doctoral and post doctoral researchers who want to make a career in Photonics. You can contact the professors or visit the group webpages for further details. 


Senior Business Developer Silicon Photonics

Silicon Photonics Design Engineer

The European Photonics Industry Consortium, of which NB-photonics is a member, also offers plenty of job opportunities