Together with the partners of the Data & Society Knowledge Center, we continue to focus on artificial intelligence the coming years.

(19-05-2021) We are happy to be recognized as a structural partner in the Data & Society Knowledge Center, which has a new agreement with the Flemish government under the impetus of Minster Crevits and as part of the Flemish Policy Plan AI.

This agreement allows the Knowledge Center to further expand its operations in the next five years and stimulate a smooth adoption of artificial intelligence (AI).  

The Data & Society Knowledge Center is a collaboration between VUB, KU Leuven and UGent. It maps the social, ethical, and legal specifications regarding AI and data-driven applications and, together with experts, searches for advice, solutions, and knowledge about how AI can optimally stimulate innovation in Flanders. The role of imec-mict-UGent is to examine the human-technology interaction and focus on the conceptualization of trust in AI systems for different application domains (health, education, mobility…). 


Contact: Prof. Tom Evens 
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