Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literature

What is the BA in Linguistics and Literature ?

The Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literature aims to provide an in-depth study of two languages. Students learn to speak and write two languages from a set of nine (Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Swedish – in the case of Greek and Latin the proficiency is aimed at reading and understanding). In the field of linguistics, students examine the structures and variations of languages. In the field of literary theory, students learn about literary traditions and creativity. Through general courses, a broadening perspective is added so that the languages and literatures are understood in their historical, cultural and social contexts.

What does the course look like?

The Bachelor’s programme offers courses in (1) general humanities (philosophy, art history, historical criticism), (2) general linguistics and literary theory, (3) language proficiency in two languages, (4) linguistics of two languages, and (5) literary studies in two languages. Students also attend a research seminar and write a paper. The programme is aimed at (1) a thorough knowledge and use of two languages, (2) advanced competences in the linguistic and literary analysis of two languages, (3) a familiarity with the historical and cultural background of two language areas, and (4) a basic competence in linguistic and literary research and scientific writing.

Why study Linguistics and Literature at Ghent University?

Students choose two languages from a set of nine and can opt for a specialisation in linguistics or literature from the third year onwards. The Bachelor’s programme offers a maximum of language courses with an equal balance between historical/diachronic and contemporary/synchronic approaches to language and literature. Different educational methods are used in order to acquire competences in knowledge acquisition, language proficiency, critical insight and research skills.

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