Student Support Services

Student Counselor

The Student Counseling service is designed to enhance communication for academic coordination and promote student success at Ghent University Global Campus by providing valuable assistants for students to explore issues of concern, resolve psychological distress, and maximize studying potential.

The Student Counselor helps students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, encouraging students to be proactive, productive and well-adjusted in their studying at GUGC. The student counselor also attends classes regularly and provides feedback and communicate with instructional staff to improve academic achievements of students.

Students can contact the student counselor Mrs. Jiyoung Yoo, if they’re are looking for:

  • help with their academic subjects
  • advise on how to improve academic skills
  • guidance in preparing tasks and/or exams
  • study planning
  • re-orientation
  • help with dealing with stress, fear to failure, procrastination and concentration problems


One ombudsperson and a vice-ombudsperson are elected each year to support students in all matters that require an absolutely confidential approach. These person are members of the academic staff and are proposed by the students. Their position is endorsed by the Campus Council.

Students can consult the (vice)ombudsperson with question, complains and remarks that relate to the courses, individual professors, the GUGC management and all matters that relate to the professional relation between the university and the student.

It is the task of the (vice)ombudsperson to mediate in these matter and propose solutions to resolve possible conflict situations, always adhering to the strict principle of confidentiality, so that the names of students that seek help are not passed on to a third party, unless the student gives specific permission for this.

For academic year 2020-2021 the following professors were selected as ombudspersons:

  • Ombudsperson: Prof. Stefan Magez
  • Vice ombudsperson: Prof. Hoo Sun Chung