General and hepatobiliary surgery

Within this line of research, the Surgery Research Group conducts experimental scientific research, as well as clinical scientific research in collaboration with both national and international partners.

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Below you can find a summary of all research projects and their collaborations:

Liver transplant

Open-label, multicentre RCT (Randomized Controlled Trial) concerning a novel anti-CD40 monoclonal antibody in de novo adult liver transplant patients



Analysis of perfusate fluid and specific biomarkers to avoid Primary Non-Functioning of a transplanted liver as well as to prevent ischemia-related bile duct damage after liver transplantation

  • researcher: Xavier Verhelst of the Gastroenterology/Hepatology department (University Hospital Ghent)
  • in collaboration with VIB-Ghent University


Liver and biliary tract surgery

Experimental research to study the influence of a gastric bypass on liver function and parenchyma quality

  • researcher: Anja Geerts of the Gastroenterology / Hepatology department (University Hospital Ghent)


Validation of reperfused Thiel embalmed human livers for surgical training

  • researcher: Wouter Willaert of the line of research 'Gastro-Intestinal surgery'
  • in collaboration with the Anatomy and Embryology Research Group


Coordination of an International survey via the European Association of HPB surgery on the management of choledocholithiasis


Research into the role of fluorescence in biliary and gallbladder surgery

  • researcher: Frederik Berrevoet
  • in collaboration with the University Hospital Maastricht/Aachen


Pancreatic surgery

Prospective analysis of the response of Folfirinox in borderline or locally advanced pancreatic tumours with radiomics and liquid biopsies (Performance Trial)

  • researcher: Luis Abreu De Carvalho
  • in collaboration with the departments Genetics, Pathology, Gastroenterology/Digestive Oncology and Radiology (University Hospital Ghent)


Intraoperative assessment of resection margins in pancreatic resections using high resolution 18F-FDG-PET-CT


Characterisation of stromal properties in pancreatic cancer

  • researcher: Wim Ceelen of the line of research 'Gastrointestinal Surgery'


Zebrafish xenografts for pancreatic cancer: towards personalized treatments

  • researcher: Kathleen Claes of the Genetics service (University Hospital Ghent)


Study on the effects of propofol and sevoflurane on hepatic hemodynamics in pancreaticoduodenectomy

  • researcher: Jurgen Van Limmen of the department Anesthesia (University Hospital Ghent)


Abdominal wall reconstruction (Hernia)

Multicentric RCT to compare the pros and cons of open versus laparoscopic versus robotic recovery for ventral hernias (Unite)

  • researcher: Mathias Allaeys of the University Hospital Ghent


An international multicentre RCT to investigate the role of negative pressure therapy after elective contaminated abdominal wall repair (Pressure Trial)

  • researcher: Frederik Berrevoet
  • in collaboration with the Amsterdam MC (University Medical Centres)


Prospective multicentre clinical evaluation of a new abdominal wall prosthesis in case of intraoperative contamination

  • principle investigator: Machteld van Rooijen of the Erasmus MC Rotterdam 


National Belgian Hernia registry to enable long-term follow-up of patients via NIHDI coding

  • principle investigator: Marc Miserez of KU Leuven


Research on the use of botulinum toxin A in ventral hernia repair

  • researchers: Frederik Berrevoet, Mathias Allaeys
  • in collaboration with Erasmus MC Rotterdam



  • Frederik Berrevoet, researcher