Staff news February 2021


Rita de Cássia Collaço

On 1 February, Rita de Cássia de Oliveira Collaço started as a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Frank Bosmans. Rita comes from Brazil. After an Msc in Pharmacology at the State University of Campinas, she also obtained her PhD there in 2019 with the title Tityus bahiensis scorpion venom and its isolated fractions on somatic and autonomic nerve-muscle systems. During her PhD she went abroad several times for research internships (e.g. to the University of Cambridge and the University of Strathclyde Glasgow). In the physiology group of Prof. Bosmans, she will focus on research into sodium channels. 

Rita once visited Belgium as a tourist but Ghent is completely new to her. In the coming period, she will not only be busy develloping her research, but also with settling down, learning Dutch and exploring the city life in Ghent. If there is any time left, she would like to remain active in sports, go hiking when the weather is good and continue practising her photography skills.

We wish Rita lots of success and hope she will soon feel at home in the group and in Ghent!