The LC-MS facilities at the Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry are available for the identity conformation of known compounds, rapidly identification of unknowns, and for the characterization of complex sample components.

On March 11, 2008 we celebrated the inauguration of our first LC-MS Instrument: LCT Premier XE Orthogonal Acceleration Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer included: Syringe Direct Sample Infusion inlet system, Ionization Sources: Electrospray & ESCI (combined ESI + APcI), Exact Mass LockSpray ESI source. Waters Alliance 2695 XE separation Module; Quaternary HPLC system (includes column oven, vacuum degesser & autosampler).

Use of the LC-MS facilities


To make use of the LC-MC spectrometer you need first to register on our on-line LC-MS-list