Watch the lecture by the Ambassador of Latvia in Belgium: “Why do EU and transatlantic support to Ukraine matter? A view from Europe’s North”.


Open lecture by Andris Razāns, the Ambassador of Latvia in Belgium, hosted by the Eureast Platform on the 5th of October 2022.

The Ambassador of Latvia Andris Razāns discusses Latvia’s views on the future of Europe and transatlantic relations as well as the interlinkages between Latvia’s priorities and actions within both, the EU and NATO. The Ambassador addresses Russia’s war in Ukraine and what it represents for Europe’s North and Latvia contextualizing the importance of support for Ukraine. The discussion touches upon ways of extending support for Ukraine and the difference on perceptions of war between state authorities and the people of Latvia.

Moderator: Prof. dr. Peter van Elsuwege (Jean Monnet Chair in EU law at Ghent University, Ghent European Law Institute)