About us

EnerGhentIC is the  interdisciplinary community of Ghent University researchers working on the energy challenge. 


Supported by a core team, there are three main activities in our portfolio:

  • Research and valorisation, i.e. from applied research with industry to fundamental research
  • Education and training, i.e. from life-long training for industry professionals to master student programmes/projects
  • Supporting & stimulating the energy transition, i.e. creating awareness and supporting the societal energy challenge


As such we bring added value to industry, governments, students, colleagues and peers. We align some or our activities a.o. with the spearhead cluster Flux 50, in which EnerGhentIC is an active partner.

The challenges related to the energy require a multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, EnerGhentIC adopts researchers acitive in engineering (ICT, electrical, mechanical), bio-engineering, economics, legal, ... . The involved research groups are active both on the Ghent University sites in Ghent, Kortrijk and Ostend. 

EnerGhentIC clusters some pre-existing energy related activities of Ghent University, namely IOF Sustainable Energy Technologies (SET) and Power-Link.

EnerGhentIC is funded by the central administration of Ghent University and by the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) of Ghent University and is a member of the Ghent University Industrial Liaison Network.


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