Letter or contract on the secondment signed by the local employer

When you are executing research or an international education project at UGent and require a Single Permit as NON-EEA national, an official letter from your local employer or institution is required to confirm your secondment. If a letter is not possible or not sufficient for your employer, the University of Ghent agrees to sign official contracts on the secondment. This contract has to be provided before the application of the single permit, and needs to be check by our legal department on the information that is mentioned.

The following information needs to be made available or confirmed in the letter or the secondment contract:

  • The details of the employer or funding institution: name, address, name and details of manager or director; name and contact details of the supervisor; local tax or social security numbers
  • The employment and wage conditions from the home country remain applicable during the secondment at Ghent University. The local labor law will remain applicable as there is no relationship as employee- employer with Ghent University during the secondment.
  • The local social security will remain applicable. If required, additional insurances during the stay are foreseen by the employer/institute.
  • During the stay in Belgium, the seconded person will carry out research activities at Ghent University in function of his employment by the local employer and grant institution.
  • The amount of income/grant that will be provided to live in Belgium, which is at least sufficient to obtain a Single Permit. The conditions on the income can be found here. The income for the entire secondment period is clearly mentioned in the document.
  • The seconded person will follow all instruction by Ghent University with regards to safety in and around the buildings; obtaining a valid permit to stay in Belgium; and will sign a sworn declaration on the activities on campus.
  • The end and start date of the secondment is mentioned; and if applicable, if an extension of the stay would be possible.
  • The document is signed by the employer or supervisor and has an official mark of the employer/institution.
    If you combine your employment with a grant or scholarship from a funding organization received to execute the secondment stay at UGent; please upload this document as the proof of income; along with the proof of income of your salary. The letter of the funding institute cannot replace the letter or contract on the secondment signed by the local employer.