Consider Ghent University!

As an academic or a researcher, are you considering Ghent University for your next career move? Great news: the university and the city of Ghent offers an enriching environment for your work and your family.

Top research environment

Research is the engine of Ghent University. The discoveries, innovations and achievements of our researchers are changing the world, influencing high-impact domains and driving global knowledge society worldwide. For the last decade, the university has been listed in the Shanghai Ranking top 100 world universities.

Since its founding over 200 years ago, Ghent university has established a reputation for excellent science, from fundamental and high-risk science to applied research. The university strengths in life sciences, medicine, materials and agricultural science, veterinary medicine, psychology, history and many more are complemented by our strong focus on multidisciplinary collaboration.

There are a number of interesting funding opportunities to either start or support a career at Ghent University:

Thanks to our bottom-up research policy, young researchers and scientists are supported, encouraged and given diverse growth opportunities within a research climate focusing on superior quality and cutting-edge approaches.

HR policy prioritising career prospects and fair working conditions

In line with our strategic objectives, Ghent University strives to create a working environment that inspires, connects and fosters growth.

Career policy for professorial and research staff

Ghent University implemented a new career and evaluation policy for professorial staff (ZAP) in 2018 and one for research staff (WP) in 2019, prioritising talent development, strategy and quality at all levels. See a comprehensive overview of the policy contents and review guidelines, reports and templates.

HR Strategy and Action Plan for Researchers

We have implemented an integrated, talent-driven, fully embedded HR Strategy and Action Plan based on the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

This plan covers all academic staff, including doctoral researchers, postdoctoral staff, other scientific staff and professional staff, with a particular focus on the young researchers that will empower the world-class research and education of tomorrow.

Ghent University supports your family well-being

Support to bring your family

If your family holds a NON-EEA nationality, visa procedures for family reunion will need to be started before they can move with you to Belgium. You may receive guidance, required documents and advice to start these procedures during your onboarding process.

Careers for partners

Ghent University strives to make the families of professorial and research staff feel right at home in their new city. DPO, in cooperation with VDAB, the Flemish Service for Employment and Vocational Training, offers classroom training to employee spouses and partners on working in Ghent and Belgium. For practical details about these courses and to register, send an e-mail to .

Partners and spouses of Ghent University staff can also get in touch with the DPO Welcome team to arrange an appointment with a VDAB mediator. Together with this mediator, we help them identify the very best work opportunities.

Support for daily living and childcare

From childcare and international schools and staff ironing services to banking, Ghent University supports you in many aspects of your daily life. Teleworking, part-time employment and different leave schemes are also possible.

Ghent: a safe, beautiful, opportunity-rich location

The city of Ghent

Multicultural, historical, connected and open: the city of Ghent welcomes expats from all over the globe. Immerse yourself in local culture and get a taste of home by participating in a range of groups and associations catering to expats.

Excellent food and drinks

Getting a great bite to eat is also a few steps away both at the university at its high-quality, affordable student restaurants and also across the city within easy walking distance.

Top-level sports facility

Ghent University boasts a fully equipped sports centre, GUSB. The centre is home to 5 halls for indoor activities, a 25-metre swimming pool, 2 saunas and much more.

Cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly city centre

With a large car-free zone covering almost the entire city centre, the city of Ghent is sustainability-minded and encourages foot and two-wheeled traffic. This policy limits noise and pollution and prioritises health and accessibility. Ghent University offers a bicycle rent and repair service for students and staff.

The city bus and tram network is efficient and easy to use. Ghent University faculties are spread out across the city instead of located on a single campus. Take a look at the university layout within Ghent.

Build networks and pursue an active lifestyle

At Ghent University, we strive to make you feel right at home and link you with like-minded people. Stay informed about news and events, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also participate in a range of culture and leisure groups and associations.

Unique cultural platforms unite knowledge and expertise on specific regions, offering support to the Ghent University community in establishing or expanding new cooperation.

Ghent university has a broad international network and many opportunities for international contacts.

Finding a home: you have options

Life in Belgium is engaging, vibrant and affordable, and there are plenty of housing opportunities for yourself and your family offered by Ghent University. You can also find a living space on the private market via numerous real estate websites. Easily estimate if rental prices are fair at (in Dutch).