Financial data of the research proposal

In Part IV, 14 of the application, you are asked to give a description of requested funding

Complete the first table with an overview of the global budgets for personnel, operational costs, equipment costs, subcontracting.

The first term of Methusalem funding starts with a gradual increase of the budget:

Year 1: 25% of the yearly budget
Year 2: 40% of the yearly budget
Year 3: 65% of the yearly budget
From year 4 on: 100% : full yearly budget

Personnel costs

Estimated personnel costs

Give the total budget needed for the personnel that will be appointed to the account of the project. In order to estimate this amount, you can use the table below which contains the costs for some frequently occurring categories of personnel (starting on 1/1/2021). If you want an estimation for another category or for a specific person, you can use the online estimation program of the Department of Personnel and Organization. If you have questions or problems you can contact David Lombart.

Category 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027
PhD scholarship student EU*

(unmarried, no dependent relatives)

€46.000 €48.000 €50.000 €53.000 €48.000** €54.000 €56.000
Researcher, 0 years of seniority €67.000 €71.000 €74.000 €77.000 €79.000 €85.000 €86.000
Researcher with PhD degree, 4 years of seniority €89.000 €94.000 €96.000 €102.000 €104.000 €110.000 €113.000
Administrative or technical staff, 0 years of seniority (class A) €61.000 €64.000 €67.000 €70.000 €74.000 €75.000 €80.000
Administrative or technical staff, 0 years of seniority (class B) €48.000 €49.000 €51.000 €53.000 €55.000 €56.000 €59.000

(*) for PhD students from non-EU countries the scholarship cost will be lower
(**) start new PhD student

Clarification and substantiation for requested personnel costs

Please describe and provide justification for the requested personnel costs.

Clearly mention:

  • the personnel category (e.g. research staff, doctoral fellowship student, ATP, etc.);
  • number of years of service;
  • % of a full-time contract (full-time = 100%)
  • duration (expressed in months).

of the positions for which you are requesting the funding.

If it is already known which staff member will be employed, then the person’s name must also be mentioned.

Operational costs

  • The operational costs, itemized by type such as documentation costs, travel and accommodation costs, use of computer material, equipment or materials for laboratories (e.g. chemicals), office supplies, maintenance of the apparatus, etc., must be indicated here.
  • Please describe and provide justification for the requested operational costs.

Equipment costs

  • Equipments costs refer to the purchase and installation of scientific and technical apparatus.
  • If the application includes a request for equipment funding, then the following information must be provided:
    • technical specifications of the requested apparatus;
    • whether it involves the replacement or improvement of a present apparatus or the purchase of a new apparatus;
    • use of the apparatus in the research project, indicating whether similar apparatus is already present in the immediate environment of the research group(s).

As a public institution, Ghent University is subject to the legislation concerning public contracts for its purchases. Consult the webpage of the Financial Department for information on the procedures for purchasing goods and services.

Subcontracting costs

Please indicate which tasks would be performed by subcontractors, as well as why it was decided to subcontract the work and which parties will/may be appointed as subcontractors.