Project proposal GOA

In Part I, 3 of the application, you are asked to give a description of the project

Project proposal

Short proposal: max. 6 pages (excluding the bibliography) - Elaborated proposal: max. 12 pages (excluding the bibliography)
  • Give a description of the state-of the-art of the research topic. The contributions of each promoter to this research proposal must be clearly described.
  • Give a concise scholarly/scientific explanation with a description of the objective of your research proposal and the progress it would represent in relation to the current state of research in the field. The work plan should include a scholarly/scientific and technical description of the planned activities aimed at achieving the established objective and, if possible, the planning and time schedule. If several research groups are submitting this proposal together this has to be clearly reflected in the work plan.
  • Please, pay attention to the concertated nature of the project: demonstrate why working together in synergy is essential to answer the research question and to achieve the scientific breakthroughs.
  • If an appeal is made to an external lab or other external expertise, a letter/e-mail expressing the  commitment of the external partner and including a description