Institutional Review Time Schedule

All recognized Flemish higher education institutions (universities and university colleges) are subject to a mandatory periodic assessment in the form of an institutional review. The review process assesses whether an institution’s education policy and quality assurance conduct (in Dutch: eigen regie) are up to standards. A positive outcome, be it conditional or not, results in an extension of the accreditation periods for accredited study programmes at that institution. A negative outcome entails a return to external quality assessments of individual study programmes by NVAO.

The next institutional review at Ghent University will take place in the autumn of 2022.

The following is an overview how we are preparing ourselves for the institutional review.

Communication Campaign

By way of preparation for the Institutional Review, the Education Department and the Communication and Marketing Department are planning a number of actions.

These actions include both broad basic communication (large target groups) and specific/targeted communication (sub-target groups).

Table: Internal Action Plan and Communication Campaign


Target Group


From January 2021

Staff members

Basic communication

- content series Blend@UGent

- articles in university newsletter

- Facebook group

- article on Quality Conduct and Institutional Review

From October 2021

Staff members and external parties

Basic communication

- webpage education policy and quality culture

From October 2021

Targeted communication

- Ghent University’s Student Union and student representatives: information sessions on General Board and Training Day

- “DOWA on Tour” visiting faculties

- Education and Internationalization Day

From February 2022

Teaching staff, students, etc.

Basic and targeted communication

- video series on Ghent University’s Six Strategic Objectives

- video on student feedback in students’ newsletter and on social media

- start communication challenge by Communication Sciences students

From January 2022

All education stakeholders

Targeted communication

- “DOWA on Tour” (faculties)

- breakfast sessions with the deputy vice-chancellor (Directors of Studies, Programme Committee Chairs, Education Quality Assurance staff, student representatives, etc.)

- gauging external stakeholders