Events for international students

During the academic year the International Support Team organizes several activities for the international student community.

In September all new international students can join our welcome days where you will receive all information to guarantee an enriching and pleasant stay at Ghent University. In October we invite you to 2 evening lectures about Belgium - learn more about Belgian music, fashion, politics or … . Knives out in November when you can participate in cooking workshops. Keep those knives out in December when you go head-to-head against other international students at our quiz and potluck night. We say goodbye to the students who are leaving us after the first semester at a Farewell event in January.

A new semester: a new batch of international students. In February we get to know each other during our Welcome Days. Take part in the course Low Countries studies as of the start of your semester and get to know our ‘plat pays’. In April we invite all international students to a night at the museum or the theatre. Keep another evening open in May: we're setting something up but need another confirmation first. In June after your exams it's time for you to relax and for us to let you go: we will meet up with all international students that are leaving the university at an End of Study event.

Overview of events 2022-2023

Impressions of some 2021-2022 events