During your ASEM internship

•    Arrival administration / residence permit
As an international trainee you have to register formally at the Migration Office of the host town within 8 working days after arrival. Address and opening hours are usually mentioned on the municipality website.  The whole procedure to obtain your residence permit may take a couple of weeks. Registration at host town comprises three steps: (1) registration of your arrival by filling out the appropriate forms, (2) confirmation of residence by a police officer and collection of your residence permit, (3) deregistration at departure.

•    Money and banking
The Belgian currency is the Euro (€, EUR). All prices in Belgium include VAT and service.
You will need money the moment you arrive. You can bring a certain amount of Euro or foreign currency into Belgium - but remember to check your own country's foreign exchange regulations. Currency exchange offices are open at airports and main railway stations. Once here, you can change large-denomination Euro notes into coinage. You may need cash to make telephone calls, deposit luggage, pay taxis, or buy tram tickets.
It may be useful to open a bank account. At some banks, you have to present your residence permit and student card.

•    Where to turn in case of problems during your internship?
It is very important to communicate well with your local mentor, even before the start of your traineeship. In case of problems in the work place, please contact your traineeship mentor; if necessary you should contact your sending organization.
In case of illness or dental problems: ask your mentor where to turn to. In Belgium it is common to see a general practitioner first, who will you refer to a hospital if necessary. Only in case of severe acute medical problems or emergencies you turn immediately to the emergency service at the hospital.
European urgency number: 112
In case of loss of passport contact asap the embassy or consulate or other representative body of your country, in Belgium. More information: www.diplomatie.be
In case of other problems contact the ASEM contact person (UBN) in your country.