Prentje Lieselot DanneelsLieselot Danneels

Digital Transformation
Digital transformation in the public sector
Government as a Platform

    Prof. dr. Claire DupontClaire Dupont

     European Union
    Climate policy
    Energy policy
    Governance of sustainability
    Democratic governance

    Prof. dr. Marleen EastonMarleen Easton


    Governance, Security
    Safety - Innovation
    Networking - Resilience


    Prof. dr. Francesco NicoliFrancesco Nicoli

    Entreprise and government
    International economics


    Prof. dr. Carine SmoldersCarine Smolders

    Fiscal policy
    Public finance


    Prof. dr. Bram VerschuereBram Verschuere

    Welfare policy
    Citizen participation
    Public administration
    Local democracy


    Prof. dr. Joris VoetsJoris Voets

    Collaboration & netwerk governance
    Local government
    Regional governance

    Prof. dr. Ellen WayenbergEllen Wayenberg

    Policy analysis and evaluation
    Local government
    Multilevel governance