Program 2020

Program 2020


How to write a data management plan?

When: Thursday 23/01/2020

Speaker: Jan Lammertyn, Data Steward Research Data Management at DOZA

Description: Do you need to write a DMP and would you like to receive advice on specific steps and answers to your questions? Such as where and how best to store data? Are you interested in going over practical examples for various methodologies? e.g. what does a DMP plan look like when you do qualitative research, when you do survey research, when you do experimental research, when you follow your case study approach, when you are working with big data or research on large databases….


Datastorage@UGent and working with GitHub

When: Friday  7/02/2020

Speakers: Johan Van Camp, Ewald Pauwels and Steven Rogge, our colleagues from DICT (resp. Datacenters, High Performance Computing and ICT User Support)

Description: Do you want to know all about Datastorage at UGent and working with GitHub? What are the data storage possibilities at UGent? What is GitHub and how to use it? Get all the information you need and an answer to all your related questions.


Biblio uploading and VABB information

When: Friday 21/02/2020

Speaker: Anniek Toye, coordinator of the Policy Cell, Bibliometrics and research reviews (Research Department, Research Coordination Office).

Description: Learn how to upload your publications in the UGent Academic Bibliography and get specific VABB information and answers to all your related questions from our own UGent expert Anniek.


Pitch your research

When: We 4/03/2020

Speakers: "The Orator", UGent alumni Dietmar Hertsen and Edward De Vooght

Description: Do you need to pitch your research and do you want to actively learn how to best do so? Dietmar and Edward, aka “The Orator” interactively take you by the hand and guide you through pitching land. You definitely want to grab this opportunity to learn and practice how to pitch your research in this highly recommended workshop loaded with excercises, tips, tricks and do's. "The Orator" guides you through the whole process with precision and humour. They offer you a 3 hour workshop in which all the most important pillars (structure, body language, visuals and language) are discussed. In addition to short pieces of general theory given in a refreshing way, they try to give as many practical exercises as possible to you, the participant. There is only one rule: everyone speaks.

NB: please cancel ( or find a substitute if you should be unable to attend.


GDPR, ethics and my research

When: Friday 24/04/2020

Speaker: Hanne Elsen, data protection expert (UGent, Department of Administrative Affairs)

Description: Do you want to know all about GDPR and what it means for your research? Hanne Elsen, data protection expert (UGent, Department of Administrative Affairs) shares her expertise with you in this session. In this year's session Hanne Elsen will once more not only give general information about the GDPR. She will also shine her light over the implications of GDPR on your research design, during your research and after your research. In addition, she will answer your specific questions.