Digital marketing - F000876

All classes for this course are scheduled in a seven-week time frame in the second semester . More specifically the classes are scheduled in weeks 1-7 (semester 2). During the first class – taking place on Tuesday February 11, 2020 – a detailed scheduling of the lectures and guest speaker sessions will be communicated. 

In order to test your basic knowledge, we will organize a pre-exam during the first week of the second semester for incoming  exchange students. This pre-test will take place on Thursday 13-2-2020 at 5 PM until 6 PM in aud. Van Vaerenberg. If you want to follow the course Digital Marketing, you need to take this pre-exam.

To participate in the course “Digital marketing” the following is required:

  • It’s necessary to register on UFORA in the week before the start of the second semester, i.e. February 3, 2020. If you fail to do so, you will not be assigned to a group for the assignment.
  • a good command of the English language,
  • a good basic knowledge of marketing and consumer behavior

The main goal of the course is to develop the necessary skills and insights to create added value for your employer or customer as a digital marketeer.


To develop those skills, this course is different from a “traditional” course in that it requires active participation. In particular, the following teaching methods are used:

  • Lectures: will give you the basic theoretical knowledge. During the lectures, the questions- and-answers approach will be used to further explain and deepen your understanding of and insight in the theory.
  • Guest speaker sessions: will bring you interesting business insights and experience from various sectors. Also these sessions will be interactive.  
  • A group assignment: will help you to further develop your skills by applying them to an actual business case. Both the lectures and the guest speaker sessions will be useful inputs for being able to successfully complete this assignment.
  • An individual examination.


The final score for the course is based on permanent evaluation (100%). This consists of the score obtained for the group assignment and individual examination. The assignment, solved and submitted in groups,  and will be adjusted for the peer assessment score. A presentation moment will take place, followed by an individual exam. 


Consult the general specifications of this course in the exchange programme in economics and business admin.