We are #UGentFEB!

We are a people-oriented faculty. Approachable, diverse, vibrant and adjusted to individual needs. Welcome to your second home.

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Professors are approachable for students

Our professors are always approachable. You can not only address them before, during or after class, you will also bump into them in the hallways or watch them pass by on their bike in the city centre. Feel free to talk to them, ask a question or have a little chat about your personal ambitions. They will help or advise you with great pleasure.

We are #UGentFEB

International support

The International Office will help you with all practical issues such as housing, first enrolment and re-enrolment, programme changes, etc. during your studies at the FEB.  You can find them on our campus in building Hoveniersberg, you can send them an email (degree.eb@ugent.be) or call them +32 9 264 33 05. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact them!

One of our student associastions, VEK (Flemish Economic Circle) has assembled an International Team whose purpose is to give you a warm welcome at the start of the academic year and to make you become a part of our FEB community through several social activities throughout the year. They will also appoint a buddy to you, one of our Flemish students who will personally guide you and answer all your questions.

Meet new people

Get to meet like-minded and motivated students. Meet many international students during the Welcome Days. Join one of our faculty students associations or one of the many other associations at Ghent University. This way, you will soon get to know many like-minded students and your academic career at the FEB will become an unforgettable experience. 

Students' opinions matter

We create a dynamical and stimulating environment in which both students and staff members can flourish. For this reason, we attach great importance to student participation with regards to the faculty's policy. Through the student council Stuveco problems can be adressed fast, we watch over the programma quality and we work on our future together.

Ghent student city

Ghent is a beautiful and historical city with an open and progressive culture, moreover, it has the largest student population in Flanders. Ghent, also called the 'city of Artevelde' becuase of its history, has a vibrant night life, numerous sportive and cultural activities, many green hubs and hundreds of nice restaurants to visit.  In conclusion: Ghent city can suit all tastes!