Edit your curriculum

What do you have to take into account when changing your curriculum?

A curriculum that has already been approved can still be changed during the academic year conform the regulations stipulated in article 30 §5 of the Education and Examination Code.

When you apply for changes to your curriculum, take into account that:

  • Success rate: Is it still possible to pass the course? If you want to add a course to your curriculum during the semester, make sure that it is still possible to pass this course. For example, if you add a course in week 3, you already missed out on the first classes.  Also, take into account that some courses have continuous assessment, this means that you earn grades during the semester. In case you want to enrol late for a course with continuous assessment, make sure to contact the professor concerned before enrolment (to check if you can still be added to a group or if you didn't already miss deadlines).
  • PLP regulations: take into account that you can only enrol for a limited number of credits, think about the regulations for sequentiality and simultaneity. Most importantly, making changes to your curriculum can have consequences on the further progress of your studies.
  • Results of the first semester: in case you failed several courses in the first semester and already have a lot of resit examinations, it may not be a good idea to take up additional courses in the second semester. In this case, it may be a better idea to cancel yout enrolment for someone or several second semester courses. In case you obtained good results in the first semester, you could take a bit more risk by adding one or more second semester courses to your curriculum.

How do you apply for changes to your curriculum?

Procedure to apply for changes to your curriculum:

  • send an email from your UGent email address
  • send the email to degree.eb@ugent.be
  • clearly mention which courses you want to add or remove
  • mention your name, student number and programme