Annual meeting for international students

Students' opinions matter! Therefore, we organise an annual meeting with all international students to ask for your input and feedback.


February 2023.

If necessary, we can organise a follow-up meeting in June 2023.


Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Campus Tweekerken, meeting room to be determined.


  • Director of studies: professor Gailly
  • Chair of the Faculty Committee Internationalisation: professor Van Ootegem
  • International Office: Laura Haek
  • All international students who are following a preparatory and/or master programme at our faculty


We will structure our meeting based on two main topics:

  1. the programme (content, workload, class schedule, exams, contact with professors, contact with fellow students, etc.)
  2. wellbeing at the faculty/university (welcome days and further guidance, social activities, student association VEK, social integration, etc.)

All students are free to provide any information, feedback and input about these topics. Based on your input, we intend to improve our policy for international students.

Students can also add other topics that are not mentioned above. We cannot stress this enough: your input is important.

All input about the programmes will be discussed during the next meeting of the programme committees economics, business economics and business engineering. A student representative can be chosen to join this meeting to clarify the student's input. In addition, all input will also be discussed during the next meeting of the Faculty's Committee Internationalisation.  A student representative can also be chosen for this committee or students who are interested can become a member of this committee and sign up via


Let us know if you want to be invited for this annual meeting and which topics you would like to discuss.

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