Marko Josimovski

Marko Josimovski


    • From Macedonia
    • Previous studies: Bachelor of Economics obtained at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius Universuty of Skopje (Macedonia)
    • Obtained the Master of Science in Business Economics - corporate finance in academic year 2016-2017
    • Currently lives in the Republic of North Macedonia and works as Junior Analyst in the Monetary Policy and Research Department at the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia


Marko about his experience at the FEB

One of the most important factors which contributed to my decision to apply was the fact that Ghent University is ranked as one of the world’s best universities. Besides I know some friends from Macedonia who previously studied at Ghent University, some as master degree students some as PhD candidates.

I was really amazed by the historical buildings, cathedrals, museums and theatres. All these monuments and the history that the city has was amazing to me. The picture that I have of Ghent now is probably one of the very top cities that I have ever visited.

I studied corporate finance, all the courses were very challenging, they demanded a lot of effort, academic effort after all and team effort as well because we worked on a lot of projects. But in the end, I can say that I’m so happy that I came here because I learned so many things, not just about economics and finance, but about teamwork and collaboration.

All the professors were so open and so willing to share a lot of new information. They were so willing to help, especially international students, they know that it’s always a bit more different for international students because it always takes a little time to adapt to the new environment.

You will learn that it is not just about self-study, about individual studying, it’s more about collaboration and teamwork with students from all over the world. You always try to get better and to become better in front of them, you always try to contribute more. We’re friends after all and we just encourage ourselves to become better and that’s very important.

The modular system is probably more effective, maybe more stressful. I think it’s much more effective in terms of preparation for exams. You stay focused, you stay concentrated, you fully focus on one or two courses.

I still believe that it was a great experience and not just the knowledge and the academic side but I also met a lot of friends and colleagues from the same programme, from different programmes, from different countries, Belgian friends as well.


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