Evelyn Brisseth Castro Ramos

Evelyne Brisseth Castro Ramos


  • From Guatemala
  • Previous studies: Marketer obtained at the Rafael Landivar University (Guatemala)
  • Obtained the Master in Business Economics - marketing in academic year 2017-2018
  • Currently lives and Belgium and works as a Panel Manager at a market research company


Evelyn about her experience at the FEB

I choose to study at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration because I found this Masters degree, taught in English,  fitted with my desires and my previous studies. Marketing has been all along my field of interest, so after reading about the study program I didn’t hesitate to enrol. 

My time is Ghent was amazing, I fell in love with this city, I met some other international students, with whom we became super close friends. At Ghent university my experience was interesting, everything was different than in my country, so I had to adapt to a new system, new culture, new ways of doing things,  but I am really satisfied with the results, this was certainly a life experience.

With the mix of theory and study cases, I learned a lot of marketing in the practice applying the learned theory using a critical way of thinking, which made it really interesting. My favourite part of the classes were the real life cases of some guest speakers.

After I graduated in Ghent I started to look for job opportunities in the country. I decided to stay longer in Ghent, and here I am working and living in Belgium.


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