Aleksandar Kachakovski



    • From Macedonia
    • Previous studies: Bachelor of Applied E-technologies obtained at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje (Macedonia)
    • Obtained the Master of Science in Business Economics - marketing in academic year 2018-2019


Aleksandar about his experience at the FEB

‘My experience of life here was amazing to be honest. I chose to study here because the faculty of Economics and Business Administration is well-ranked in Europe and Ghent University is so research oriented, future oriented and student oriented. After I read more about the marketing programme I knew I wanted to come to Ghent. And actually I got no clue about how Ghent was. The programme was essential for my choice, it was in my field of interest. 
The professors here are open for collaboration, I can’t find any negative side. Also the faculty services were great. I applied quite last minute and got a quick response. 
In terms of education I learned a lot of stuff in the field of marketing, which was actually my main goal. The programme is the right choice for anyone who wants to do marketing. Now I want to complete another study, I want to specialize myself in data analytics. 
In the beginning I was sceptic about the modular system of teaching  (I was used to semestrial exams), but actually it gives you more concentration. It gives you the right amount of pressure and it shapes you for the real world.’