Knowledge for All (2015 - 2018)

Knowledge4All is a faculty-wide project, in which students from different faculties collaborate on a particular topic, each from his or her specific discipline, with design learning as a basis.

The following six UGent faculties collaborate in the project:

  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (as the main promoter)
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
  • Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Developing the educational concept, both practical and substantive, and determining what is achievable in the short and long term and what is required for the realization is the subject of this application. This project aims at developing best practices for different content and organizational aspects of interfaculty design learning. It provides the basis for building a UGent Center for Design Learning with an outreach to education and research as well as creating social impact.

Within Knowledge4all students from different disciplines jointly develop products and services for people’s special needs, for instance because of a temporary disability and for everyday life or for specific activities such as sports. The students contribute within their own discipline, e.g. rehabilitation, remedial education, law, economy, computer science, industrial design and textiles. This learns them to observe problems from a much broader perspective.

On 19 May 2016 Rector Anne De Paepe came to listen to the presentations of the several Knowledge4All projects the students had been working on during the first year of the project.

Master students of the Department of Textiles collaborated in two of them:

  • a babysuit to monitor the movement of new-borns to diagnose assymetric behaviour
  • a T-shirt in untearable textiles for a person with specific needs

They presented their prototypes at the Smart Textiles Salon Vol.5 in Ronse on 14 October 2016


Prof. Dr. Lieva Van Langenhove ()

Dr. Carla Hertleer ()