2008 - 2012: Colour changing materials (Lien Van der Schueren)

Within the group of smart textiles, there is a growing interest in colour changing or so-called chameleon textiles. These materials can change colour due to a change of several external stimuli such as temperature, light, pH etc. Colour change textile materials possess some important advantages.

A colour change is immediately visible to everyone and hence such a material can give a first signal or warning and can be used as a textile sensor. Moreover a textile sensor shows breathability and flexibility, creating its great advantage compared to a traditional sensor.

In this research, focus will be on pH sensitive textile materials. During the research, conventional textile materials as well as nano nonwovens will be studied. In particular, the interaction between dyes and textile materials will be investigated by means of a macroscopic and a microscopic analysis.


pH3     ->    pH9
         pH 3                                  pH 9


Support by: BOF

Duration: 10/2008 - 09/2012

Contact: Prof. Dr. ir. Karen De Clerck