imec vacancy System architect for next-generation optical transceivers


The IDLab-Design group, of Ghent University and imec are seeking a system architect whose responsibility will be to 1) study and deliver new generations of optical transceivers, and 2) validate the transceiver’s performance in a high-speed lab equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and testbeds supporting baudrates beyond 100Gbaud.

Within imec, multidisciplinary research focused on the realization of new generations of optical transceivers, targeting baudrates far in excess of 100Gbaud is conducted across a diverse set of teams. The research activities cover the optics relying on (amongst others) imec’s Silicon Photonics platform, high-speed electronic integrated circuits including but not limited to broadband SiGe BiCMOS driver and receiver analog front-ends, ultra-high sampling rate analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters (ADCs and DACs), clock-and-data recovery etc. The roadmaps target beyond 100Gbaud operation, for both intensity-modulated and direct-detect as well as coherent transceivers.

What you will do

You will join a team that consists of electronic and photonic integrated circuit designers, with significant background in high-speed optical communication systems. You will:

  • Use and extend link models for high-speed and coherent optical transceivers, with a view to establish specifications for their constituent electronic and photonic parts and build understanding of link budgets, power consumption, cost and performance,
  • Establish innovative architectures for new generations of optical high-speed and coherent transceivers,
  • Contribute to the construction of roadmaps for the multidisciplinary teams focusing on transceiver and process photonics technology established across imec,
  • Demonstrate high-speed and coherent transceiver structures, relying on both existent and new sets of electronic and photonic integrated circuits, using the extensive instruments and testbeds available at the imec-IDLab group,
  • Further mature high-speed and coherent optical testbeds, in close collaboration with lab management,
  • Contribute to or lead the development of optical transceiver demonstrators, interfacing with various teams and third-parties that perform the assembly of the demonstrator circuits,
  • Coach and guide junior members of the IDLab-Design and imec teams with your knowledge of optical transceiver, networks and link architectures,
  • Present and report the outcomes of leading-edge transceiver demonstrators at the top conferences and journals in this field,
  • Keep your scientific and technical knowledge in this area up to date.

The research targets are highly challenging, there is plenty of scope to be creative and evaluate novel ideas for new generations of optical transceivers.

What we do for you

We provide you with the opportunity to join an enthusiastic team of researchers, postdocs and PhD students, which has an internationally recognized track record in the area of electronic and photonic integrated circuits for communication applications. We support you with the training necessary to develop your technical and personal skills. You will have the chance to provide input to imec’s internal roadmaps. We offer you with the possibility to use state-of-the-art instrumentation and testbeds for characterizing and testing new optical transceivers, and work with some of the most advanced processes and technologies that exist in this domain.

Who you are

  • A PhD degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent with a strong background in the domain of high-speed and coherent optical transceivers, optical links and networks, and a strong set of experimental skills working with high-end equipment such as real-time oscilloscopes, optical testbeds, complex photonic and electronic integrated circuits,
  • A significant and proven track record in the area of optical communications and transceiver demonstrations, exemplified through contributions to leading conferences and journals in this research domain.
  • You are motivated by addressing challenges that go far beyond the state-of-the-art,
  • You are a teamplayer that integrates will into a multi-cultured and diverse team, fluency in English is essential,
  • You are allowed to work in Belgium.


Contact person: Peter Ossieur,