Professor Belpaeme and the AIRO research team join the VALAWAI project (Value-Aware AI)

(06-04-2022) Professor Tony Belpaeme and the AIRO research team join a 4.15 million Euro Pathfinder project to study awareness and consciousness in AI systems.

The VALAWAI project (short for Value-Aware AI) will develop a toolbox to build value-aware systems relying on an architecture for consciousness inspired by neurophysiological evidence. This forms the basis for a foundational framework for moral decision-making based on psychology, social cognition and social brain science. In Ghent, the research will focus on awareness and consciousness in and for robots and specifically social robots. The project is a collaboration between the Spanish National Research Council, the Italian Institute of Technology, the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute, Sony Computer Science Labs, and Ghent University.

AIRO IDLab Ghent University - imec

AIRO is a research team part of the research group IDLab. Our team is lead by Prof. Joni Dambre, Prof. Francis wyffels, and Prof. Tony Belpaeme. Together with our team of researchers and students, we work on interdisciplinary research in the fields of AI and Robotics, ranging from social robotics to fringe machine learning. The lab has vast experience with neural networks and ended up several times as a winning team in international Kaggle competitions on image recognition.